Saturday, February 4, 2012


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I know it's not even Valentines day yet but I have been busy! I am blaming it all on Pinterest. I could spend hours on that site finding ideas. So here are a couple of my St. Patrick's day decorations. The plaques are $26.00 which includes shipping price. Of course they are cheaper if you don't need them shipped.
We also are making framed glass. These are our frames with just a glass sheet in it. I love how this one turned out. My hubby even placed an order for one. We can make them 4x6 to 12x12 and I can add any fun saying you want. I can also make them for other holidays. These frames start at $17.00 and go up (shipping not included in price)

Click HERE for Treat Tag Printable.  

 Here is a free St.Patrick's day printable. You can find it here.

For this free Rainbow printable click here.

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