My father and I make these by hand and really enjoy our creative hobby. {It's so much fun having a talented father} We hope you like them also.  Each frame is individually hand-made and hand- painted.  Thank you for checking out our frames!
Price List
Prices may vary if embellishments have been added. Larger and unusual sized frames can also be custom made. Those prices vary as well.

4 inch wood                               6 inch wood                  8 inch wood
4x6 $15.00                                       4x6 $17.00                          4x6 $20.00
5x5 $15.00                                       5x5 $17.00                          5x5 $20.00
5x7 $17.00                                       5x7 $20.00                          5x7 $25.00
8x10 $25.00                                     8x10 $35.00                       8x10 $44.00
11x14 $35.00                                   11x14 $ 45.00                     11x14 $55.00      
16x24 $45.00                                   16x24 $ 55.00                     16x24 $65.00

(Some Style Samples) 

 (Color Samples)