Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ewww Gross!

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with our frames but I needed to share!
I am in charge of getting snack this week for my son's  preschool class so in order to be prepared I ran down to the good old Walmart here in town to pick something up. I decided on 15 snack packs of Cheesitz and 15 pouches of Capri Sun apple juice.  Well by the time I got home the box of Capri Suns was drenched. It wasn't that way when I picked it up in the store so I knew one of the pouches had popped. I opened the box to see who the guilty party was! I found it right on the top! I noticed a small hole in the side of the pouch and immediately saw brown slim oozing out of  it! Gross!!! We cut it open to find this inside...

If you can't tell it is a piece of moldy apple! I am so thankful that my son or the kids in his class didn't drink them before we saw this! I sent a email to Capri Sun and will call them on Monday when they are open! I will let everyone know what they say!
Here is a link I found, another family had this happen to them as well. It is very interesting.

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Envy My Cooking said...

That is gross, Cant wait to hear what they say!!